App Development

We carry out a range of work including Unity development, HTML5 and native coding (Objective-C/Java Script), and server building, always doing our best to ensure ease of expansion at the time of gamification and localization. Feel free to contact us regarding anything from casual games to mid-range social games and apps for kids.

Overseas Game Publishing

We pioneer new global markets, delivering unique products around the world.
As well as maximizing existing product appeal and fine-tuning products to give them new value, we use our unique approach to search for new possibilities and deliver original products that appeal to all people, regardless of nationality, race, or gender.

Digital Picture Books

As well as translation into languages from around the world, we also offer narration services of the same quality.
We create digital picture books by combining original stories and old favorites with wonderful music and animation.

2D Art

We provide concept art, character designs, UI designs, bulk illustrations, and more, for any and all genres. We provide illustrations specialized for games, while at the same time employing our experience in a variety of fields to create products that best service clients' needs.

3D Modeling

Our international team has a wealth of experience in 3D data creation and can create high-quality 3D data that meets client requirements within a short time frame. We offer support for both high-poly and low-poly modeling.

3D Motion Building

We provide 3D motion building in Maya, 3D Studio Max, and Flash, providing everything from character designs and 3d blueprints to modeling and processing.

In-Game Effects

No game is complete without effects! We provide Unity particle effects as well as general effect creation. Intense explosions, thunder, bursts - contact us for anything.


Our native staff are extremely knowledgeable about overseas markets and will give help with everything from project design to after-service. We offer all-inclusive services with a fair price structure.
Our reliable staff combine linguistic power with management power to handle game localization and IT translation. Make sure to also contact us for less common languages.

Voice Recording

Our engineers and narrators have a wealth of experience, and carry out all types of sound recording. As well as game audio, we also offer services for narration, audio books, audio guidance systems, and more.


We check all translated game text thoroughly, on a variety of platforms, to make sure there are no grammar, syntax, spelling or other errors. We also carry out thorough checks to ensure that the localized text, audio, and content are not at odds with cultural and ethical standards in the target market.


Culturization refers to the process of adapting an app to fit with the culture of the country it is to be released in. In order to create user-friendly and culturally-acceptable products, our team of over 100 native speakers of languages from around the world develop a linguistic strategy in accordance with the relevant country's culture and contemporary language.

We sell, mainly through e-commerce sites, a range of fashion items from popular Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada at low prices only possible through direct import.
We offer colorful pink, yellow, orange and other colored items with cheerful heart designs. We also offer wholesale, so feel free to contact us.