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Our Customer Service department is now expanding!

Starting from March 1, 2019, DICO has expanded our customer service department to meet the needs of our increasing user base.


The customer support that we provide is founded on our 10 years of industry experience in games development and localization. Due to the positive feedback we have received, we are now seeking to expand it so as to provide an even better service to both companies and consumers alike.

In recent years, video games -- be they smartphone apps or console games, and Japanese or otherwise -- have increasingly had to contend with a global marketplace. The key to building products that will achieve long-lasting success in this competitive global market is the ability to respond promptly to inquiries from domestic and overseas users.

DICO's years of experience in localization places us in a unique position to answer this call. With the expertise of native staff from a range of countries, we are able to carry out fine-tuned customer support that will boost and buttress your operations as you seek to take your content to numerous cultures worldwide.

■ The Highlights of DICO's Customer Service

① Multilingual capabilities fostered in localization
Thanks to the years of experience that we have cultivated in localization, along with the native language staff that we have have gathered, we are able to provide detailed language support in a variety of languages.

Our services are available in a total of 15 languages, including English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Spanish, French, Russian. Naturally, we can also provide customer support in Japanese.

② Domestic and International Support

We cater to many different types of game content, including international games to be released in Japan and Japanese titles being released overseas. We also offer services geared towards worldwide releases, where multilingual support is required from from through launch and beyond. All of this will be handled by our native staff.

③ Variety of Customer Support Tools
We have a proven track record of working with a variety of Customer Support tools, including Helpshift, Mail Dealer, Zendesk, Technomark. We are able to work with other platforms as well, so please contact us with any inquiries.

④ Your One-Stop Solution
Our company is not limited to customer service -- it also caters to the other key services in the game industry, namely development, localization and LQA.

In particular, our internal development team has an intimate knowledge of localization needs, and is thus able to provide a variety of solutions to the challenges you might face.

"DICO provides the solutions you need to release a product ready for the whole world!"

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Customer Support Service.

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Addressee: Alice Akuhara