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Multilingual Community Management Service

We are happy to report that from February 28, 2020, DICO (based in Shibuya, Tokyo) will be expanding it's Multilingual Community Management Service.

 ■ Community & Social Media Management

We provide support to game companies by building and managing user communities both in Japan and overseas, through targeted customer services and social media management (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) We take on the role of community liaison, focusing on strategic oversight, policy implementation and customer interactions.

■ Community Management Platforms & Outlets:

・Official Twitter

・Official Facebook

・Official Forums

・Apple App Store Review

・Google Play Store

Note: Please contact us about any other platforms.

■ 4 Points of Service

1. Monitoring

2. Engagement

3. Moderation

4. Analysis

Note: We can also take care of other facets of community management. Please contact us for further discussion.

1. Monitoring

Keeping a keen eye on what is occurring within the player community is an integral part of Community Management. By observing and tracking player comments and reviews, we are able to take action to maximize your positive user base.

2. Engagement

An active interaction and engagement policy helps us build a good relationship with the community. A well-thought out and genuine response to a player’s comment can spark conversations and contribute to positive user experiences. We make sure to know your user base well, which allows us to make use of stickers, GIFs, and more to great effect in getting the best reactions from the community.

3. Moderation

But there will also be comments and reviews that do not offer any value to the community. Unwanted communications such as spam, advertising and the leaking of sensitive or confidential information, can distract and confuse users and even threaten their safety and well-being. Through community moderation, we are able to filter out such unwanted communications, so as to minimize negative experiences within the community.

4. Analysis

While each and every genuine comment or review is a valuable piece of feedback, the volume of communication can be overwhelming. Turning this feedback into something that can be measured is crucial. Through careful analysis and reporting, we are able to identify priorities and trends within the community, which we can then use to further shape our communication strategy.

■ Problem Solving in Game Production

DICO goes beyond customer support -- we have also been involved with other aspects of the game production scene, including localization, LQA and development. For that reason, we have a deep knowledge of games and can provide optimal solutions.

■ Reporting on Latest Trends

We create a periodic “Recent Trends” report that covers both the Monitoring and Analysis facets of Community Management, sharing insights on notable trends that are found in the community following the application of a Data Patch. It contains sample reports and reviews representing the overall trends in the community, and also summarizes the overall community response on a clear 5-level scale: 1 – Malcontent, 2 – Dissatisfied, 3 – Neutral, 4 – Satisfied, and 5 – Ecstatic.

"DICO provides the solutions you need to release a product ready for the whole world!"

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Multilingual Community Management Service.

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Addressee: Alice Akuhara