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DICO is pleased to announce that we are providing multi-language customer support for the exciting 360° aerial action game, "Kick-Flight"!

Released on February 13, 2020, "Kick-Flight"(キックフライト) brings fast-paced aerial battles to mobile devices for players in over 130 countries around the world. DICO is providing customer support for the game in multiple languages, namely English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Utilizing our years of localization experience, DICO has constructed a team of native-speaking staff for each of these languages, so as to effectively deal with all of the issues encountered by players in each region.

DICO was also in charge of localization of the game (English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish), and moreover, provided development feedback and solutions based on our previous game developed projects.

Our CS team is using the software "Helpshift", which is employed by other popular titles like "Pokemon GO" and is drawing attention in the industry. This tool not only allows us to easily set up BOTs to reply to emails, but is also well-suited to the provision of multi-language customer service support.


▲ The above image is from the inquiry screen. To make an inquiry, please take the following steps.
From the main screen, tap the menu icon > Help & Support > Inquiry. This will take you to the inquiry screen where you can write a message to the team."

■ What is "Kick-Flight"?

A new mobile experience of free-flying and midair battles, brought to you by Grenge, Inc., a.k.a. the team behind the popular Japanese RPG "Pocoron Dungeons". It is available on both iOS and Android.

Players take to the air as Kickers -- characters with incredible aerial skills and abilities -- and team up to fight 4 vs. 4 battles over three minutes, across a variety of different fields.

In just one week after its world-wide release on 2020/2/13, Kick-Flight was downloaded over 1 million times! Please download it and give it a try!



Title: Kick-Flight(キックフライト)

Genre: 360° Aerial Action, Battle

Platforms: iOS & Android

Price: Free (In-game purchases)

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