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DICO localized "I am Setsuna" produced by Square Enix

DICO are proud to announce that we localized the English version of "I am Setsuna" produced by Square Enix and released on February 18, 2016.

Our role in the localization of "I am Setsuna"

From November, 2015 to May, 2016, we translated all in-game text from Japanese to English and were responsible for correcting language debugs discovered by the development team.


About "I am Setsuna"


“I am Setsuna”


Nintendo Switch
PlayStation®4 / PlayStation®Vita / Steam




July 19, 2017 *PlayStation®4 / Steam
March 3, 2017 *Nintendo Switch





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This French linguistic addition is subsidized by JLOP, funding from The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.


About "I am Setsuna"

So many memories from the classic JRPGs from the 1990s remain vividly in our hearts.From organizing parties, exploring towns and dungeons, just barely winning against tough bosses, and to the tears we cried at the ending...

The impressions that these masterpieces left us will never fade away.We present you with an emotional story and gaming experience that reflect on the classics of the past.Classic-style RPG "I am Setsuna" to be released for the Nintendo Switch.Back in the day, we were all into RPGs.Let's bring back our style of RPG.