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Subtitle translation for the hottest anime of the season, "Pop Team Epic"

DICO has carried out the subtitle translation for the global release version (English) of Pop Team Epic.

The international release of each episode was scheduled to coincide with the airing of the episodes on Japanese TV (every Saturday), and therefore required a speedy and accurate translation on our part. 
Furthermore, as the project necessitated a high quality of culturalization in order to convey Japanese culture as effectively as possible, our localization and culturalization team maxed out their specialization and familiarity with both Japanese and overseas cultures to the fullest.


What is Pop Team Epic?

Pop Team Epic, also known as Poptepipic, is a highly-acclaimed 4-panel comic written and illustrated by Bkub Ōkawa (大川ぶくぶ), and serialized on Takeshobo Co.'s comic distribution website Manga Life Win. Its reception was that of such popularity that it has now become a social phenomenon. The shorter character is Popuko, and the taller, Pipimi.

TV animation Pop Team Epic official site

Our subtitle translation service:

We consider our one-stop service for in-video text to be our forte: starting with the translation of captions and narration etc. into numerous languages, we provide follow-on services such as spotting, transcription, translation, and subtitle data production in ASS/SRT/CAP/etc. file formats.
Rather than working from a Japanese-English translation, our workflow of translating directly to the target language reduces costs and delivery time.
Moreover, alongside subtitle translation, DICO is able to accommodate any additional services such as dubbing by native actors, thereby providing a seamless video translation service. 

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