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Strategic partnership formed with VR/aerial video production company 360, Inc.(360株式会社). Your one-stop studio to creating tourist video guides or employee OJT videos!

DICO Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Shibuya ward, rep: Koji Nakatsuka), an expanding multi-lingual translation business, and 360, Inc. (Tokyo Katsushika ward, rep: Tomokazu Itou), a VR/aerial video production company, have confirmed a strategic allience agreement.


By combining DICO`s know-how of multilingual subtitle production with 360`s 360-degree VR video (etc) production expertise, we are now able to produce via comission subtitled videos in over 50 foreign languages, customised to your needs.

To parallel the significant increase in visitors to Japan in recent years, we believe the demand for tourist video guides in many different languages will also rise.
Furthermore, by switching to subtitled videos for company inductions/explanations aimed at foreign-national employees, the cost of on-the-job training may be reduced.

Voice recording in foreign languages is also available, and video production is possible with both VR and/or standard footage.


DICO Co., Ltd.

Company name:DICO Co., Ltd.
Location:Higashi 3-26-2, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative:Koji Nakatsuka
Established:March 2011
URL    : (Translation service site) (Corporate site)


360, Inc.
Company name:360, Inc. (360株式会社)
Location:Shibamata 6-26-11, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Representative:Tomokazu Itou
URL    :