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2D/3D Production
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Access to 3D Graphics and Animation Expertise

Our capabilities go beyond 3D graphics.

We are a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of the creative process, from initial concept to final delivery.

High-poly low-poly modeling, rigging, 3D animation, effects, motion, technical artwork, concept art, and more.

And more!
Development Environment
And more!
Production Sample
Create VR market event background and characters
Platform PC
We collaborated with a 3DCG studio in Spain to handle the production of backgrounds/characters for market events in VR attended by corporations. We were responsible for creating several booths.

Responsible for 3DCG production in collaboration with DGGS for Studio Rex's Dachimen Densetsu G
Platform iPhone / Android
Production of 3D models, motions, and effects for player characters in 'Dachimen Densetsu G', a game by Studio Rex, a company from DRECOM.

Create photorealistic backgrounds and 3D materials using PBR for a famous consumer title
Platform PlayStation 5
We collaborated with Spain's DICO Granada Graphic Studio (DGGS) in the development environment of a well-known title of a major publisher, creating photorealistic backgrounds and 3D assets using PBR (Physically Based Rendering), contributing to the development. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in 3D production.

Production of 3D motion for consoles equivalent to 20 person-months in one month
Platform PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series / Steam
In response to a consultation from a certain client, despite the short deadline, we organized a team within three business days and successfully completed the production of 3D motion equivalent to 20 person-months in one month, meeting the deadline specified by the client.

Collaborating with DGGS to create many 3D models of monsters in popular IP mobile games
Platform PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Switch / Steam
For a popular IP mobile game of a major publisher, DGGS produced many of the 3D models of monsters. We received additional production requests due to high praise.
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