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Take Your Game Development to the Next Level

DICO is a trusted partner that provides comprehensive game development services covering all important aspects of game development, from programming and coding to game design.

We take a balanced approach to creating a great gaming experience, with a team of experts from various disciplines to make it happen.

DICO's development team is skilled at developing robust code, implementing innovative features, and creating engaging gameplay mechanics. Whether shaping a new concept or refining an existing project, DICO programmers and game designers are committed to delivering the highest quality in all code and design parts.

Development Environment
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Development Studio
Development Studio
HD Unit
DICO's high-end development unit that specializes in the development of consumer games.
Social Unit
DICO provides all the solutions you need to develop and operate social games.
X-Platform Unit
DICO specializes in localization, LQA and can help you with your publishing needs.
Light Game Unit
DICO's team creating casual games with DICO's proprietary development engine.
Case Study
Created a data table of controller vibration design for one AAA title
Platform PlayStation 5
We conducted research on controller vibration design just before the release of PS5, and created data tables necessary to one AAA title.

DICO was in charge of the main development of Gleamlight for D3 Publisher.
Platform PlayStation 4/ Nintendo Switch / Xbox Series /Steam
In Gleamlight by D3 PUBLISHER Inc., DICO was responsible for overall development. We handled pre-production to full development and also managed multilingual localization. Supported languages include Japanese, English (US/UK), French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain/Latin America), Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Korean, Portuguese (Portugal/Brazil), and Russian.

Character cut-in production for a super famous anime IP mobile game
Platform iPhone / Android
Responsible for the cut-in illustrations of characters to be used in a mobile game based on an extremely famous anime IP. Received high praise and continued production for over a year.

Produce casual games at a pace of one title every 1-2 weeks
Platform iPhone / Android
Commissioned by a major publisher, we continuously released numerous casual games at a high pace, producing one title every 1-2 weeks, for over two years.

Responsible for online functions during porting to Steam of a sports game
Platform Steam
In a sports game for a major publisher, we were responsible for the development of online functions during the porting to Steam, contributing to the development.
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